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    Iman Shumburo

    Senior Editor

    Born and raised in a suburb of Washington, DC, Iman Shumburo has been surrounded by politics and government all her life. A first-generation American of Ethiopian born parents who have always seen themselves as global citizens, Iman has always valued unity amongst all people. She harbors a deep passion for foreign relations and domestic affairs and is always ready to play a geography game. When she is not getting all political, you are sure to find Iman training as pre-professional dancer with the CityDance Conservatory, working with world-renowned choreographers from companies such as Priore Dance, Dance Theatre of Harlem, and Koresh Dance. Diagnosed with Type One Diabetes at age five, Iman advocates for the elimination of health disparities and captains a JDRF One Walk team annually, raising thousands of dollars in donations for T1D research. Iman also travels the world competing with the All-American Model UN team, in fact a trip to Madrid is where she met Thanasi and Kaitlyn! To Iman, Politicized is a platform in which the American youth are introduced to a boundless world of information and opinions. Iman joined the team, with the intention of arming our generation with the knowledge and sincerity to be the change they wish to see.

    Martin Li

    Global Affairs Editor

    Martin Li was born in Washington, D.C. and is a senior at Thomas Wootton High School. He founded the school’s ethics bowl team in his sophomore year and is a Vice President of the Model UN team. This year he joined the All-American Model UN Team and attended Yale Model Government Europe in Lisbon. Besides politics, Martin is passionately interested in philosophy, and hopes to study it as an undergrad with the goal of eventually entering academia.

    Jackson Carter

    Domestic Policy Editor

    Jackson has been writing for
    several years now, and when he saw an opportunity to join the Politicized team, he pounced. Politicized News' belief in the youth is something he values more than words can
    describe. Jackson is a 16-year-old from a small town in Tennessee. Growing up in a small
    town, he's learned a lot about life. One of the best lessons he's learned because of
    those around him is: In life, you are the only person who can effect meaningful change in
    your life, and by overcoming obstacles and bettering yourself, you can single-handedly change the world.

    Laura Reus

    Staff Writer

    Born in Davao City, Philippines and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Laura Reus is a senior at Towson High School within the Law and Public Policy Magnet Program. She has always been a driven and curious student, leading her to pursue activities that stem from biology, philanthropy, and political science where she was able to find a passion for advocacy. Currently a molecular biology and genetics research lab assistant, she has found a love for biology. In addition to biology, as a member of All-American Model UN, Laura attended the Diplomacy Academy and is a part of the travel team. Continuing on with All-American, she recently became the Community Manager. By participating Model Congress and Model United Nations, Laura was able to find her voice in debating relevant topics that plague the world and one day hopes to be an active constituent in Global Health to fix worldwide healthcare disparities. She wants the youth to have a voice in policies that directly affects them and increase youth political engagement in order to bridge the gap of political polarization.

    Haig Simitian

    Staff Writer

    Haig Simitian is currently a rising Senior at Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School. Being a member of multiple speech and debate clubs, he has always enjoyed contributing to lively political discourse while tackling many of the pressing issues that plague American politics today. In an age of extreme political polarization, he has come to realize the increasingly integral role the youth of America play to shape the course of American politics forever. Haig believes that Politicized News is more than just a youth news organization. It is a nonpartisan platform created by and for the youth of the United States to increase politcal engagement and expand the youth's knowledge of current American politics. It is meant to serve as a catalyst for politcal change and progress in an era of politcal gridlock. Haig is looking forward to an amazing experience with Politicized News and is ready to serve the future of America.

    Shubhi Sinha

    Staff Writer

    Currently a Neuroscience and Human Biology student at Indiana University-Bloomington, Shubhi Sinha is a college freshman who moved to the United States from India at 10 years old. In high school, her interests in philanthropy and global health lead her to be an active constituent in local and national political landscapes. A fierce advocate for human rights, Shubhi worked with UNICEF for four years as the president of her school’s UNICEF chapter and by serving on the UNICEF USA National Council, where she lobbied for child's rights legislations on Capitol Hill and helped ensure the success of over 800 high school and college clubs in the United States! Shubhi also served on her mayor’s Youth Council, which organized service projects in her local community. In addition, she was the Tech Head and Design Head of her local TEDx chapter, where she lead her teams to organize four annual TED conferences to converge diverse thinkers. In her free time, she’s usually running her freelance graphic design business or feeding her movie buff addiction through a Netflix marathon. In the future, she hopes to shift the nature of healthcare to prioritize inclusivity, affordability, and equity. She believes that policymakers have a fundamental duty in governing the disposition of medical care in America, and she hopes to continue her advocacy efforts across all disciplines during her professional healthcare career.

    Leianna Giryan

    Staff Writer

    From a young age, Leianna has been interested in the world around her. When astrophysics didn't work out, she turned to the world in front of her. The 2016 presidential election, in particular, sparked interest. This inspired her to follow the news and become more knowledgeable about politics.

    Born and raised in Southern California from immigrant parents, Leianna has lived in immigrant-heavy communities. As a result, she has a special interest in foreign affairs, and she aims to have a crack at it in the future. As a normal teenager, though, Leianna engages in volunteer work, heads her school's Mock Trial team, and carries out her scholarly duties. Education is incredibly important to her, and as a result, she hopes to help educate those around her, especially within politics.

    John Werner

    Staff Writer

    Going into his junior year of high school, John Werner is from Long Island, New York. John joined Politicized News in his sophomore year of high school, having found out about the organization through High School Model United Nations. John developed his interest in politics, economics, and business during the Great Recession, unsure of what had caused the worldwide economic crisis but determined to understand it. In the wake of the 2016 Presidential Election, John began analyzing and interpreting the data behind the then-shocking result, and has since compiled several reports on the 2016 and 2018 elections. A proud patriot and political independent, John supports parties and candidates around the world from across the political spectrum. Also an author, John has 5 completed book drafts and has another 22 drafts in progress, ranging across alternative history, science fiction, dystopian, fantasy, and utopian novels.

    Kasia Kostraba

    Staff Writer

    Kasia Kostraba is currently a senior in high school. She has always been interested in history, politics, and foreign affairs and is currently the President of her school’s Model United Nations club. In her free time, you can find Kasia playing trumpet for her school’s marching, concert, and jazz bands, painting, or video editing. Kasia first discovered Politicized News in hopes to find something that would allow her to be more involved in politics during the and applied for a position as soon as possible. She joined the Politicized team in the summer of 2019. In the future, Kasia plans to study International Relations and pursue a career in foreign policy.

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