Why we started Politicized News, and what drives us to continue building it every day.


    The Politicized Project began in the Spring of 2018, out of a realization that the status quo in American political reporting was unacceptable. Not only does the misinformation, partisanship, and hatred make politics confusing, it discourages members of Gen-Z from getting involved, and trying to make a change.


    We started Politicized News with a simple theory of change: The easier it is for Gen-Z to stay informed about their world, the more they'd want to get involved.


    At first, the team was made up of one teenager writing three articles a day, unsure of whether or not they were making a change. Within a couple of months, Politicized had gained over 10,000 followers and received 73 volunteer applications.

    A year later, Politicized News would become the largest 100% teen-run publication on Social Media, reaching an average of over 1 million users per month. The combination of short-form articles, Gen-Z authors, and political non-affiliation lead to a follower-base of over 60,000, two-thirds of which are members of Gen-Z.


    Our entire team works full time, for free, while balancing their academics, other extracurriculars, and social lives.
    This is our way of helping change the world.

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  • What drives us


    Our Mission:

    To inform and empower young people, so they can be a force of change in their communities, their countries, or their world. 

    Our Vision:

    To create a world of understanding, discourse, and progress unhindered by the forces of political bias and hatred. 
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