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Tim Ryan Drops Out of 2020 Presidential Race

By: Laura Reus

· At the Ballot Box

Representative Tim Ryan from D-Ohio announced Thursday that he is dropping his campaign for the Democratic nomination in the 2020 Presidential Elections. 

Going against the likes of previous VP Joe Biden and other strong presidential hopefuls, Rep. Ryan reportedly had difficulty finding footing in the Democratic campaign and did not garner the support than anticipated. Focusing his campaign on the middle class, Rep. Ryan hoped to revive the middle sector and moved towards more progressive policies.
Despite his best efforts, he failed to enter the last two Democratic Primary debates and raised less than a million dollars in the last quarter in comparison to the tens of millions of his Democratic opponents. Consistently polling less than 1%, Rep. Ryan’s smaller political network and name recognition has led him to fall considerably behind his opponents in the polls. He is the seventh Democratic presidential hopeful to drop their bid, bringing the candidates to a total of 18.
In his withdrawal announcement posted on Twitter, Rep. Ryan announced that he will be instead running for re-election in his home state of Ohio’s House of Representatives in the next cycle and will be returning back home. He has not endorsed another Democratic candidate as of yet.

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