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State Legislature Spotlight: Texas

By: Leianna Giryan

· Domestic Policy

Recently, three Texas House Bills have been passed in their 86th Legislature. Two are in regards to guns and the other is in regard to financial aid.

First is HB 1143 (House Bill) which relates to the moving and storage of a handgun, other firearm, or ammunition by license holder in a school parking area. This applies to schools with open-enrollment or charter schools in such that they cannot prohibit a person from storing the handgun, firearm, or ammunition in a vehicle in the school parking lot so long as it is not visible. The bill is sponsored by fourteen Republicans, and it takes effect starting September 1st of this year.
The second bill is HB 2363. It is a strong partisan bill sponsored by twenty one Republicans. The bill relates to the storing of firearms and ammunition in foster homes via the same locked location. This would also take effect starting September 1st of this year.
The last bill is HB 535 relating to the completion and submission of a financial aid application for higher education as a necessity for high school graduation. Sponsored by a single Democrat, this bill would apply to public highschools, taking effect September 1st of this year, but applying to seniors of the 2020 - 2021 enrollment. Exceptions include: if the student is 18, the school has created their own financial aid application, or their parents sign off on not using FAFSA/TASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid/Texas Application for State Financial Aid), then they are not required to complete it.

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