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Prime Minister Netanyahu Requests Immunity From Prosecution for Corruption Charges

By: Politicized News

· Global Affairs

This afternoon, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu requested Israeli Parliament to grant him immunity from prosecution in the three graft cases involving him. The term ‘graft’ refers to a politician’s use of authority for personal gain; the three cases, entirely distinct from one another, all link back to various accusations of corruption.

Despite his continuous denial of any wrongdoing, Mr. Netanyahu was indicted in November on 3 charges: bribery, breach of trust, and fraud.
If Parliament were to grant Mr. Netanyahu immunity, then Israeli law mandates that he would never face prosecution or have to appear in court for the entirety of his career as a member of Parliament. Completely regardless of Parliament’s response, though, the request for immunity having been submitted at all already ensures that the criminal trial could be delayed by several months. Essentially, the Prime Minister’s highly controversial political move bought him some time.
Israel’s general elections are a mere 2 months away, and Mr. Netanyahu will be running for his fourth-consecutive term. He is Israel’s longest-serving Prime Minister. Given the close proximity to an election, many have raised suspicions that Mr. Netanyahu’s request for immunity is a plot to run out the clock and secure re-election.
On top of the accusations of electoral foul play, Israeli citizens have spoken out against the immunity request. Critics around the world have accused Mr. Netanyahu of pursuing legal loopholes, thus averting equality before the law, a fundamental principle of all democracies, including that of Israel.
Parliament has yet to respond formally to the request.

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