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Prime Minister Boris Johnson Suspended Parliament. What Does This Mean For Brexit?

By: Politicized News

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has prorogued (suspended) Parliament for over a week, lending yet another massive twist to the Brexit situation. Members of the opposition, including the Speaker of the House, have accused Johnson of overtly trying to stifle debate on the issue, forcing the country to accept a "no-deal" Brexit on October 31st.

So, how does someone shut down Parliament?
Prime Minister Johnson said that the suspension was to allow Parliament time to prepare for the "Queen's Speech," where the Queen proposes a legislative agenda to the House of Commons, sort of like the President's State of the Union. The suspension blocked Parliament from meeting for a month, although MP's wouldn't have been meeting much over that time anyways. However, there was a push from opposition leaders like Jeremy Corbyn to force MP's to meet and discuss the Brexit issue. In 2016, the Queen's Speech suspension was just four days, while in 2014 the chamber was closed for 13 days.
Why did Johnson suspend Parliament, and what happens if they can't come to a deal by October 31st?
Johnson recently kicked 21 MP's from his Conservative party after they voted for a bill that would effectively ban a no-deal Brexit, something Johnson has been pushing for. The Prime Minister has also lost his majority in Parliament and is at a disadvantage when it comes to making a Brexit deal that the Conservative party agrees with. Because of this, Johnson's best option is to hope that Parliament won't come to a deal and crash out of the EU. If this happens, the U.K. will be separated from the EU instantly, causing the U.K. to lose all deals, contracts, and privileges gained from being in the bloc.

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