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President Trump Cancels Meeting With Taliban Leaders After Attack Kills U.S. Service Member

By: Politicized News

· Domestic Policy

The Trump administration has announced the cancelation of a secret meeting between top U.S. officials and representatives from the Taliban government, which was supposed to take place at Camp David. The meetings, which experts assumed to be centered around building a peace deal, and facilitating U.S. troop removal from the region, were canceled after the Taliban claimed responsibility for an attack that took the lives of 11 civilians, and one U.S. Soldier. In a series of tweets, the President condemned the Taliban for the attack and questioned their desire for a “meaningful” peace deal. 

President Trump accused the Taliban of using the bombing to try and “build false leverage” over the United States, “What kind of people would kill so many in order to seemingly strengthen their bargaining position?” President Trump’s assertions were drawn from an AP interview, where a Taliban spokesperson claimed responsibility for the attacks, saying that they made the Taliban stronger in negotiations. “We understand that peace talks are going on... But they must also understand that we are not weak, and if we enter into talks, we enter from a strong position,” the spokesperson said. 

It is unclear whether or not President Trump has permanently cut talks with the Taliban, leading congressional representatives from both sides of the aisle to question the White House’s decision. While President Trump campaigned on the removal of troops from Afghanistan, he’s since switched his stance in August, saying that he plans to leave 8,600 service members in Afghanistan, presumably to please Congressional Republicans, who have warned the administration against a full pull-out of the country.

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