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President Trump Addresses the Nation on Iran: What You Need to Know

President Trump went live to address the nation today....

President Trump went live to address the nation today after Iran launched 22 ballistic missiles towards two Iraqi bases housing U.S. troops. Late last night, the President spoke with close advisers, who seemed to believe the President was still considering paths to de-escalate the current conflict. This sentiment is shared by many in the media, as Iranian missiles caused no casualties, and seemed to have been just a show of force – not an escalation. He also attempted to reassure the country on Twitter, saying that citizens should not worry, and that “All is well,” although many have been speculating as to what the President was referring to.

Trump started off by saying, “As long as I am President of the United States, Iran will never have a nuclear weapon.” He stated that no Americans we harmed by the January 7th Iranian attack on Iraqi-American Air Bases. He continued to emphasize that “Iran is standing down”, which he said is a great thing for “all parties involved, and the world.” Afterwards, President Trump justified the actions taken against General Soleimeni, stating, “Soleimeni’s hands were drenched in both American and Iranian blood. He should have been terminated long ago…We took decisive action to stop a ruthless terrorist from taking American lives.” The President also directed a message to terror groups:” If you value your own life, you will not threaten the lives of our people.”

He continued to emphasize that “Iran is standing down”, which he said is a great thing for “all parties involved, and the world.”

“As we continue to evaluate options, the United States will continue to impose powerful economic sanctions on the Iranian regime,” President Trump said, leading many to believe the threat of war has been lessened. The President said that “Iran must abandon its nuclear ambitions and end its support for terrorism,” and he called on the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, and China to recognize the current Iranian threat to the world. The President expressed desire for a bilateral or multilateral deal to support global peace, prosperity, and prosperity for Iran as well. In closing remarks, the President also said that he would instruct “NATO to become much more involved in the Middle East process.”

President Trump bolstered his Administration’s accomplishment regarding the U.S. Military, U.S. economy, and American energy independence. He expressed that the United States does “not want to use” its military and economic strength. The President then discussed his Administration’s killing and capturing of ISIS, which he called “a natural enemy of Iran.” The President concluded by expressing that America wants Iran and the Iranian People to have a “great” and “prosperous” future and that the United States would be very instrumental in creating that future.

By: Politicized News Team

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