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Overview: The Cases The Supreme Court Will Hear This Week

By: Politicized News

The Supreme Court will begin hearing cases for its 2019-2020 term tomorrow, the first Monday of October. The Court's annual term lasts from the first Monday of October 2019 to the first Monday of October 2020. 

The cases scheduled for this week are as follows:
Kahler v. Kansas - This case argues that the states don't have a right to abolish the insanity defense in a court case under the eighth and fourteenth amendments. 

Peter v. NantKwest, Inc - This case deals with patents, specifically if applicants fighting a patent rejection must pay attorney's fees for the U.S. patent office. 

Ramos v. Louisiana - Evangelisto Ramos was convicted of murder in Louisiana by a Jury vote 10-2 (not unanimous). Although Ramos was convicted, he argues that under the sixth amendment, he must be convicted by a unanimous jury. The case questions whether the fourteenth amendment fully incorporates the sixth amendment's right to conviction by a unanimous jury to the states. 

Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia - Gerald Bostock was a government employee of Clayton County, but was fired because of his sexual orientation. Bostock is suing, arguing that the decision to fire him violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. The case will decide whether the wording "because of sex" in the Civil Rights Act can be applied to sexual orientation.

The Court's schedule until the end of 2019:
14 Cases in October
12 Cases in November
15 Cases in December

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