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Millions Displaced From Massive Flooding in Southeastern Asia

By: Politicized News

· Global Affairs

Millions have people have been displaced as major monsoons hit parts of Bangladesh, Nepal, and India over the past week. At least three million people have been forced to evacuate in parts of northern India alone, and the death toll, currently at over 100, is continuing to rise. “Many people have taken shelter on the highways, that will be the state for the next two or three weeks until the water recedes. Bihar [a region in the northern part of India] has better housing infrastructure, they will continue to stay in their houses or schools will operate as temporary relief shelters,” Mohamad Farukh, CEO of the NGO Rapid Response told TIME. 

The Brahmaputra river, which flows through into Bangladesh, has overflowed and flooded 1,800 villages in Assam state, a region of India. In Nepal, at least 60 people have died, and NGO’s report, fear of water-born disease spreading rapidly. According to CBS, 34 people have been killed in Bangladesh, including five children, and seven adults who died when their rescue boat capsized. The death toll in Pakistan has reached 23 after flash flooding destroyed villages.

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