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House Releases 300 Page Trump Impeachment Report

By: Jackson Carter

· Domestic Policy

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives’ Intelligence Committee formally concluded their role in the impeachment inquiry. The committee, chaired by Representative Adam Schiff, released a 300 page report detailing it’s interpretation of the multiple hours of witness depositions and testimony heard before the committee since the formal impeachment probe was launched by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. So, what exactly is in this report?

According to an article by the Associated Press, “[The report] asserts President Donald Trump misused his office to pressure Ukraine into opening investigations that he believed would help his reelection bid. The report also makes the case that Trump obstructed Congress by stonewalling the committee’s requests for testimony and documents”. To the ire of the President’s supporters, the report seemed to all but call for the direct impeachment of the President.
This report was preempted by Republicans in the early hours of Tuesday morning when members of the GOP serving on the Intelligence Committee released their own version of an impeachment report. This report listed out a GOP-specific interpretation of the testimony heard before the committee, and the reasons why this testimony proved, in their eyes, to exonerate the President of any impeachable offenses.
With this report, the House Intelligence Committee is officially passing the torch on to Jerry Nadler’s House Judiciary Committee which will resume open door testimony later in the week. While Speaker Pelosi has so far refrained from giving an exact timetable, it is assumed by many in Washington that these proceedings will be finished by Christmas, meaning the full House will be able to break for the holidays being done with their work on impeachment. While it remains to be seen what the full outcome of these proceedings will be, we do know that the fireworks are far from over, and many new things are sure to come out in the days and weeks ahead.

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