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H.R. 2527: Vaccinate All Children Act

By: Leianna Giryan

· Domestic Policy

In May of this year, a bill was introduced in the 116th session of the House of Representatives. Federica Wilson (D-FL) introduced the bill, and it was referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce. The bill would amend the Public Health Service Act by providing preventive health services grants to states who mandate that all students enrolled in public elementary and secondary schools be vaccinated, in accordance with the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices’ recommendations.

In order for a state, or political subdivision or other public entity of the state, to receive a grant, it must “demonstrate to the Secretary’s satisfaction” in implementing required vaccinations for every student enrolled in public elementary and secondary schools. However, there are exceptions made if a licensed physician is to submit a “written certification at the beginning of the school year” to whomever is in charge of the school’s health program. This includes examinations preceding 12 months, the physician’s expert opinion that the child would be endangered by the vaccine, and that the physician’s expertise and opinions are an acceptable standard of medical care for the student. The amendment would apply 6 months after its enactment.

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