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Australian Government Deploys Military Vehicles to Tame Bushfires: Thousands of Civilians Flee

By: Politicized News

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The devastating bushfires in Australia have been an ongoing crisis since early November, but an update early this morning revealed that Australian military vehicles are to be deployed in an effort to control the blaze. Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Defence Minister Linda Reynolds both confirmed in an interview that the Victorian state government’s requests for military aircrafts, helicopters, and naval vessels have been approved by the Australian federal government.

The Australian bushfire season, or dry season, is an annual occurrence which typically spans from roughly April till September; however, the 2019-20 bushfire season has reached new levels of unprecedented devastation. 12 civilians have been confirmed dead as a result of fire-related causes, with at least 4 more declared missing. Thousands of residents in New South Wales and Victoria have been forced to evacuate their homes and flee to the coasts, leaving everything behind.
Though it is difficult to get accurate approximations as to the amount of land burned due to fire’s rapid spreading pace, it is known that more than 5,900,000 hectares, or 15,000,000 acres, have already been scathed.
On Tuesday, the sky turned blood red as a result of high numbers of microparticles--smoke and dust--in the sky scattering the longer wavelengths of light. Among the various repercussions was the hottest day in Australian history occuring in mid-December, with a shocking peak temperature of 41.9 degrees Celsius , or 107.4 degrees Fahrenheit.
Climate activists have responded to the dire circumstances of the blaze with demands for climate action from the Australian government.

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