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Ambassador Gordon Sondland's Impeachment Inquiry Testimony, Explained

By: Politicized News

· Domestic Policy

U.S. Ambassador to the E.U. Gordon Sondland gave testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee today. Sondland has been in the center of the impeachment inquiry, fielding accusations of improper behavior and “rogue diplomacy” when it came to dealing with U.S.- Ukraine Relations. 

Here are some highlights from his testimony:
In his opening statement, Sondland says that he, along with Energy Secretary Rick Perry were working with Mr. Giuliani at the “express direction of the President”, and were both unhappy with Giuliani’s involvement. He was “playing the hand he was dealt.”
Sondland said that “Mr.Giuliani’s requests were a quid-pro-quo to secure a White House visit for President Zelenski.” According to Sondland. Giuliani wanted the Ukrainians to investigate Burisma, and the server in Ukraine, as both matters were “important to the President”.
Sondland says he was “adamantly opposed to the suspension of any aid to Ukraine”, and has never received a credible, clear answer as to why aid was suspended. •
Sondland said that “everyone was in the loop” when it came to the Trump administration’s dealings with Ukraine. “Everyone’s hair was on fire,” he said, “but no one decided to talk to us.”
So... was there a quid-pro-quo?
It depends on who you ask. Democrats say that Sondland’s testimony has strengthened their case for impeachment, especially with Sondland direct admissions of “quid-pro-quo” they say occurred. •
Republicans say the opposite. Many have argued that Sondland’s testimony only implicated Rudy Giuliani in offering the “quid-pro-quo” and shows that President Trump himself wasn’t aware of Giuliani’s dealings.

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