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A Look Back: Boris Johnson's Parliament and the Implications on Brexit

By: Leianna Giryan

· Global Affairs

On September 3rd, British lawmakers had moved against Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and his aim to initiate Brexit. Boris Johnson had recently lost his re-election. As a result, he wanted to request a snap general election - an earlier election. Parliament voted 328 to 301, taking the control from government and voting on legislation so that the Prime Minister is blocked, as well.

Members of Parliament continue to oppose Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s snap election and no-deal Brexit. Soon after, Boris Johnson suspended Parliament, and it is set to reopen on October 14, 2019. Now, this suspension is extremely controversial. Various courts are reviewing the case as Boris Johnson is suspected of abusing his power. After the English and Scottish Courts reviewed the case, the Supreme Court is now joining the mix by hearing challenges to Johnson's decision. Over the course of the 3 day hearing, a panel of 11 justices heard appeals from two distinctive legal challenges, and eventually reached an inconclusive outcome due to the disagreements between two leading judges. The framework that the court will provide for its verdict, it remains entirely up to the suspicion of legal analysts.

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